Philips DVD+R 15pk FREE



Not necessarily the best media, but an awesome price: OfficeDepot is having a BOGO sale on 15-pk Philips DVD+Rs, BUT if you only have ONE in your online cart and enter the coupon, it still subtracts the price of one.

Go here:
Philips DVD+R

Add one to your cart, then apply coupon code 10224041 then checkout.

If you live near an OD–your best bet is to do in-store pickup to save on shipping, plus they’ve been known to cancel shipped orders for similar coupon mistakes in the past, while others have had better luck picking them up at a store. Good luck!


I got that deal already but I got a FREE 100 pack of CD-Rs also. Should of posted an Office Depot thread last week.


out of stock online! i cant get this deal at the store could i?


I bought these dvd’s online (06/28/04) and used the coupon. Zero dollars showed up as being due on my confirmation. I went to the store for pick up and they refused the deal. They cancelled the order and offered to sell them to me for $29 and change. Oh well, it was worth a try, thanks for the heads up ziggles. I think it might work if you got the right person to fill the order in the store. I hope others have better luck.