Philips DVD Players & DTS

The other day i rented a movie with a m8 and we started discussing DTS.
Now the thing was(is) that nowhere on my dvd players it sais ‘DTS’ you know like them little logo’s off Dolby Prologic etc etc.

So he claimed that i couldnt play DTS sound wich got me wondering… My Dvdplayer is a philips DVP762/00 (handy lil piece btw ;P) and its hooked up to my home cinema with an optical cable. (Home cinema is Philips too and supports DTS, clearly has the DTS logo on it :wink: Now the thing is if i play a dvd in DTS mode the Home cinema clearly recognizes it as DTS. Now im wondering as to what to make off it?

Does the dvdplayer just sends ‘raw signal’ on the optical cable and leaves it to the decoder to make off it as he pleases? (in wich case for example the dvdplayer may not ‘support’ dts in a way he cannot ‘handle’ it? but you still get DTS sound because the home cinema decodes it?)
Does the dvdplayer does perhaps downgrade the DTS to something else but still leaves the “dts info” on it?

Hope you lot can make any sense out off it :wink:

I guess you know by now,

The dvp762 supports divx and mpeg 4, i’m sure DTS is passed through native
through the digital output.