Philips DVD Player DVD729/001



I have problems with playing new DVD RW disks (8x and faster)
I have heared that an firmware upgrade can fix the problem.

Is there somebody who can tell me where I I can get the firmware and how
it can be installed ?

Many thanks :iagree:



Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any firmware upgrade available for that model; only documents:

Perhaps a different brand of 8x RW will work better, or the reciprocal disc format (since you don’t say if you’re trying +RW or -RW.


Hy imkidd57,

I found that there is sombody on ebay who sells firmware. The price is about 20 €.
But this DVD-Player is about 4 years old and so I hoped that somebody may have that update.

Regards Ralf

P.S. Where is New Fajara ?