Philips DVD HTS3357 cannot read movie and divx disc anymore

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD Player w/ HDMI & USB 1080p DivX Ultra. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello Everyone,

I have the philips home theater model no: HTS3357. I am happy with it for the past 6 months because I was able to play anything including data disc which has .avi file burnt on it.

Just recently I have used the player for mp3 playing but after putting a DVD movie or AVI data disc, the player won’t read it and says unknown disc and even the disc that I was able to play before are having the same error message but the strange thing is mp3 CD and audio CD are working fine, even the karaoke disc are fine. Only the data divx and movie are not playable.

Is my player having problem now that I need to send it to service center or is there any unlock code I can use to reset it to factory settings.

Thanks in advance and GOD BLESS us all.

When was the last time you used a lens cleaner ?
I had this trouble with my Philips and I had to un-plug and wait a few minutes to reset the unit :rolleyes: not sure if this will work for you but it is what I had to do


Thanks for the quick reply but I have already tried cleaning it with the lens cleaner but no luck. Is there anyway to reset the player to something like factory default settings? Can you please share to me some steps with what you have done with your player before to make it work again.

Thanks a lot and GOD BLESS.