Philips DVD drive not recognizing DVDs/CDs

I found this site via google searching for the model of DVD drive I am trying to get to work: Philips SDVD8821H. This is on a compaq laptop and what happens is I will insert a DVD or a CD and the drive will make noise for several seconds and Windows will change the cursor to a CD, or busy cursor, or something for a split second and then everything stops. Windows does recognize the drive but can’t access anything on the DVDs or CDs that I try. This has got to be the strangest computer problem I have seen in years. Google has been no help, I have not gotten definite answers: HP tech support led me through registry edits and restoring Windows completely, neither have helped. Before I call them again and potentally send the machine back, is there something I am doing wrong?

I’d appreciate any thoughts or assistance anyone might have. :slight_smile:

Is it “on” a Laptop or “in” that Laptop?

“In.” It’s an internal drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

You wrote “This is on a compaq laptop”, that is why I asked.

Did this drive come within the Laptop from HP?

Yes. It has worked before, so something must have changed in something to make it stop working…