Philips DVD burner in HP Pavillion Laptop

I have an HP pavillion notebook with a Philips DVD R/RW. I recently got a few Sony RW DVDs- 4.7 GB, 1x2x compatible.

I burnt the DVD using SONIC software that came with the machine. However after spending almost 30 minutes burning it I tried to check the contents and to my horror nothing was on the DVD. I loaded it on the SONIC software again and under the disc information it said “BLANK DISC!!!”.

I’ve burnt CDs before and had no problems whatsoever. I tried burning Sony DVD Rs and it was ejected with errors, wasted quite a few. I’m having the same issue with DVD R/RW.

I’ve run windows updates and Looked for SONIC software updates to no avail.

I tried the DVD on my desktop and there’s no data on it, I even tried using Isobuster and it says the DVD is blank…

How should I isolate the problem…