Philips dvd burner 8601



I have Philips DVD burner 8601 which came with my Dell Dimension 8400. It burns cds and dvd+RW but cannot burn dvd+R. I searched the net for this problem and came to this forum. Now can anybody help me. I read somewhere that it can be cross flashed but how, that I dont know as all I work with my pc is surfing the net,downloading movies and burning them. I dont have any clue whatsoever about how to do any changes with the hex editor :frowning: :confused: . Anyone who can take pain to explain these things to me? I will be obliged



Make a SEARCH for “Philips 8601” and you will find what you are looking for. :wink:
Here is one useful thread and post #84 looks interesting.

BTW, there is no need to mess with “hexeditor”.