Philips DVD 8631 (OEM)

I just bought a Dell 8400 and it came with this DVD burner. Both the specs and the Nero Info Tool say it can write to DVD-R – however, I now have 2 -R coasters (it writes to +R fine). I used a Fujifiml 4x -R and a FujiFilm 8x -R. Neither one played on either a Tosiba or Apex standalone DVD player. The 4x-R played on the pc using the 8631 but the 8x-R didn’t.
Anyone know anything about this OEM DVD burner and burning -R’s? Dell tells me to contact the manufacturer (Philips) – I can’t find anything on the Philips web page on this burner nor any links for OEM products.

Same PC for me, also has the Philips.

I have already burned a DVD-R using DVD Decrypter. No problems at all. I was using a Fujifilm 8x DVD-R disk (same as you!).

My problem was getting the DVD to recognize copy protection on a game CD, but the publisher of the game released a patch that solved that (I had been looking for a firmware update).

PS Did you buy the Fujifilm DVD-R disks because it had a rebate at Fry’s too?

To all that have gotten the Dell 8400 with the Phillips 8631 Dell just came out with a new dl flash file for it to hopefully solve all the problems.

It is labled DW BD10.exe which makes me think that it is the file that many on here have said to use to flash the drive to a benq.

I have not tried it yet. Too chicken, LOL.