Philips DVD 8631 firmware update released

If any of you guys are having problems with this Dell OEM DVD+/-RW, Dell released a firmware upgrade 11/17.

I have not tried it yet, I just found it and my Dell is at home.


RPC1 version here

Looks to be a DW1620, have a CVT if anyone needs it.

Brother Vlad

Madkiwi, i dl the update firmware also. Let me know if you received any benefit in flashing.

Please someone post their experience in upgrading the firmware for the Dell DVD 8631 and if it helped.

Why would we need the cvt? isn’t the firmware version Dell posted all we need. Help me please. How do you use this Dell firmware file?

You probably don’t, but others might and would understand why they would want it. We’d imagine it would be useful if you were cross flashing.

The DELL firmware is in a Windows executable, you just run it.

Brother Vlad

Would I be better off using the firmware flash for the Benq then the Dell firmware? What extra benefits would I get from the Benq?


No idea, we don’t keep track of these things, our primary interest is Region Free patching. You’ll have to try these things for yourself, we don’t own these drives.

Perhaps you should enquire with DELL as they are responsible for the support of this drive.

Brother Vlad

Hey Brother Vlad,
Where can I find the .cvt file… I would like to cross flash my philips dvd8631 back to philips (it is currently BenQ B7L9)
Thanks a lot for the help

email us at

Brother Vlad

The firmware did not solve the problem for my Phillips. Dell is sending me a new one. I have a feeling it will do the same thing but am willing to try it.


This is my first post so hello all…

I am posting to let it be known that this firmware update did indeed fix the problem I was having with my 8631 that came with the Dell Dimension 8400 I ordered recently. NERO would not make copies on the fly for some reason, however, the problem is now solved with the new BD10 firmware flash. Thanks for the positive experience…


Can anyone help, I flashed my Philips 8631 drive to a Benq drive. I’m would like to flash the drive back to a Philips drive so that I can us the new Dell firmware upgrade. If i run the dell .exe, it does not recongnize the drive (b/c it a benq now). Please help