Philips Dual Layer Dvd R Inkjet Printable

Hi, I looking to pick up some blank dual layer discs. Are Philips brand any good? Also, is there any difference between these inkjet printable and the regular shiny ones? Which one should I buy?

If you don’t use printable discs to actually print anything on them, there’s no use to buy them.

Regarding DVD+R DLs I can only recommend Verbatim Data Life Plus discs (NOT the Data Life/Life Series discs! I.e. without the Plus), those should be MKM003 discs, e.g. Verbatim #43758 (50 discs), #43757 (25 discs).
Philips are probably either Ricoh or worse yet RiCrap.

My last Philips DL printable were Ritek S04 which are good media, but not so good as Verbatim.

The non-printable Philips were CMC D03 which are bad or awful.