Philips & Digital 5.1 Multi-Channel Recording

The Philips website states:

Digital 5.1 Multi-Channel Recording
Until now, DVD Recorders have provided analog audio inputs only. Philips is the first to introduce DVD Recorders with digital audio inputs. Finally, it’s possible to record movies complete with the original 5.1 multi-channel sound—the same sound quality as commercial DVDs.

On the same website, I can’t find any of their DVD recorders that have this capability. None have audio Digital in.

I want a DVD recorder with DVD+R/RW AND Digital 5.1 Multi-Channel Recording. Preferably NO HDD.
I don’t need a hard drive, I already have 3 Dish Network DVRs.

I’m in the U.S. Does anyone know which models have Digital 5.1 Multi-Channel Recording? (and no HDD)

P.S. I’ve tried to use there CHAT and EMAIL communcations with no response.

There’s a thread a few lines down discussing the Philips 7200 recorder, which AFAIK is not out yet anywhere but due in May (whatever that means). Keep an eye on KDH’s thread for details of retail availability, albeit in the UK.

The 7200 has a hard drive, I don’t want another hard drive. The recorder I want is the DVDR740. I have found some talk about it on the net, but it is either not released, or Philips decided not to sell it…???
If it is ever released it is the best DVD recorder (by specification) I know of:

Philips DVDR740 DVD Recorder

Coming Soon - The Phillips DVDR740 DVD Recorder

The DVDR740 includes the TV Guideâ„¢ On-Screen EPG that allows consumers to record a program with just the touch of a button–no subscription fee or phone line connection.

It also offers a software technology developed by YesDVD to simplify the editing of home videos. It automatically determines local chapter points, creates thumbnail images from scenes and places them on the DVD’s main menu and DVD case for easy searching and viewing. The YesDVD software also includes highlight music videos made from the best clips from the video source synchronized to jazz, rock and classical tunes. The result is a professionally featured DVD that is fun to view with family and friends.

For optimal sound, consumers will enjoy 5.1 multi-channel audio recording via the digital audio input and the best digital recording quality from a set top box with the component video input. The DVDR740 also allows consumers to easily preserve favorite memories on DVD with features such as i.LINK digital connection and i.LINK camera control. The i.LINK camera control allows the consumer to control digital camcorders or PCs with the DVD Recorder’s remote control via the on-screen display menu for synchronized stop and start recording control.

Well, the information we are reading is that the 7200 does not have a hard drive.

However there may be specification differences between US and UK models of the 7200 (particularly considering the Freeview tuner). Philips websites are adept at redirecting searches to the site of the originating country, so we may not be able to see what you’re seeing.

The 740 was quickly withdrawn, or never went on sale, IIRC.