Philips developing tools to identify and block P2P video content



I just posted the article Philips developing tools to identify and block P2P video content.

 Last  year, an Independent company Audible Magic developed a method of fingerprinting music to  determine what songs are being transferred based on their acoustics and then  blocking the...
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Powerful weapon my ass. The internet embodies dynamic routing. Unless every ISP on the face of this earth utilizes this stuff, it will fail. This also only addresses p2p (as if it could… ). There are other methods to transfer files. More money wasted - end of story.
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…other methods… You mean like encrypted P2P? :d To quote a movie title, “Analyze This!”


Yup. Agreed. Hey Philips, go take a long walk of a short peer. Do us all a favour and spare us the hype-machine. It is almost becoming comedic, to watch these companies and their efforts. Philips, your ignorant market-hype has destroyed enough souls, I feel. Take it elsewhere. >-O


Philips, like Sony and a number of other lame companies are very good at delivering the same bullshit speil about “new” technologies which benefit nobody and infringe on a legitimate owners right to use digital media. They will never understand that any attempt to restrict an individuals use of digital media is doomed to fail - just like the implementation of proprietary standards has done for other pig-headed companies. Panasonic and DVD-RAM is a good example here. :*


why dont we just boycot company for company who stands in our way i wont buy sony or phillips cos they dont simply offer as much as other competitors for the money spent togher united devided we fall


Have they ever heard of a little tiny thing called “encryption”? I guess not. Maybe I’ll send them an encrypted e-mail, hmm…


I have long since stopped buying Sony junk when I realized just how seriously overpriced and overhyped their gear is. We won’t even discuss the debacle that the memory stick was. That’s a tale about proprietary bullying at its best which makes MS look tame (in fact MS was the victim with that one).


Just ZIP the movie with a custom password and that is it. You just beat a million dollar tech. PS: Like taking a candy from a baby or holding your SHIFT button.


Profit is the motivation, not piracy. Phillips are well aware that any protection they might develop will be busted by freaks but if they can convince a customer to beleive in their hype and actually pay for the technology, thats the name of their game. I know that you guys will beat it, so I am not worried. Keep up the good work.