Philips demonstrated 8x DVD+R DL burning at CES

I just posted the article Philips demonstrated 8x DVD+R DL burning at CES. has added another report from the CES show in Las Vegas that covers some interesting optical storage prototypes and products from the booths of the DVD+RW Alliance,…

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“TDK focused on Blu-ray and showed a roadmap with up to 6x burn speed (216 Mbps) and quad layer recording. TDK also displayed bare Blu-ray Discs with its hard coating technology, now called Durabis.” So this means it will take around 15 mins to do a single layer blu-ray of 25 gig. Would be good if 6x was the initial recording speed for the first generation drives.

Nice, But geeze, and 2.4x DL discs are still a complete rip-off. Until we see the discs for under US$2, they are pointless. Danny.

Who would bet on that Philips ever releases a product which were shown before as a prototype…?! Thy always fool the peez.