Philips (dell) dvd8631



This is a really strange drive. I burned a tyg02 -r at 8x and ran in through kprobe. It showed pif of “.12”, which should be fantastic. Yet it won’t play in my standalone players. Then tried a ritek g04 -r at 4x. Again showed pif of “.12”. Starts in standalone and then just goes into a loop at one point.
Tried a g04 +r and same thing. After all the problems I’ve read about with this drive, and the benq drives, I say screw it. I emailed dell, and they have agreed to send a tech. to my house to replace it with a plextor 716. Only thing I don’t get, is why Kprobe shows so good, yet I get such bad playback issues. Anyone have any good insight… I know I could flash with benq firmware, but I believe that the drive itself is just junk. Kind of like putting a turbo charger on a kia…