Philips Color LightScribe

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We at CDFreaks would like to present an article over the 'new" LightScribe Color Media. In this article we will take a look at the 5 different available colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red), and of course show you the results we got on them.

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No DVD+R color media yet?

A second voice for DVD+R & available in the US- Good article!:g

Verbatim has released this product in CD-R form already in the USA and Canada… but DVD+R and DVD-R have yet to be released. I think companies are waiting to see if it takes off or not. Personally, I welcome the change of background colours, even though I don’t think it’s a massively big deal, the price difference is fairly small, and it breaks the monotony.

I’d rather use glossy printables with the watershield protection. It takes 2 minutes to print in FULL color. Printers and ink are dirt cheap. The latest Canon iP4300 is $70 and the carts can be refilled for $1 per cart. Eventually Lightscribe will surpass inkjet printables…I hope.
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Hardgiant, where you filling ink from? I threwout my last inkjet printer in favor of B&W laser and I have never been happier, toner is cheap! For this reason I love lightscribe even with its limitations, FYI there is a download on which increases the contract of lightscribe burners, it works too.

Misleading item title. I thought it meant full color Lightscribe not just Lightscribe with different colors.

Please make them for dvd-r or dvd+rw! Please pretty please! And then make them cheap-and give them to me!

Till real full color lightscribe arrives is better to stick with gold ones, or better use the printer, the rest look awfull. I don’t mean that to stop using the printer when its arrives. We will have to check the quality and see how usefull it can be…

hi! is this just one color LightscripColor CD? i mean that if i print some picture of natyre, dos it come all collors? thx

can’t i use my normal burner on light scribe cds

where do you buy these dvd for labelflash

Has anyone tried to burn a Lightscribe CD in a Labelflash burner? From what I found so far, Labelflash only has DVDs & I want to burn CDs. Plus Lightscribe is readily available; I can’t find Labelflash locally. :d

Where can I find the Fuji Lablelflash CDs

It cant be called a colour lightscribe…coz the printing colour is still monochrome ie grayscale…yes the background colours are different…

Have been using Lightscribe discs for about a year now, can’t see much advantage in just a color background. Am waiting for full color to come out before I change.