Philips @ CeBit

I just posted the article Philips @ CeBit.

We will see Philips on the CeBit with various products. Burners, CRT’s and Flatscreens and last (but not least?) Soundcards. Especially the burner part is funny.

They are about to show their…

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Yeah you do that you fucking moron. fucking retard. maybe philips IS onto something here, but guess not, since a 13 year old schoolkid who cant even spell points out why a philips technology expert is dumber than him. fuck you kid, and go back to school.

OK, so you have a plextor…congratulations. I think maybe you’ve got some things confused with eachother because burnproof is great but it’s not to be compared with thermal balanced writing technology as they simply are different things. To put this in simple words: TBW is used to adjust how hard the laser burns your disc. This is done by actualy watching for the quality of the disc you’re using. So, a bad disc get’s burned harder than a good disc. This means that more CDROM’s (even the realy bad ones) should still be able to read your disc. So, now we nead a burnproof TBW drive and even your vacuumcleaner should be able to read your discs…

Hey!!! Some respect for the crew please! And I am NOT some schoolkid! Back to the case: as Philips said their selves this was their technique to prevent a cd from going bad while writing. Well… that’s exactly what Burnproof does (altough the methods used are really different I know). I wonder what Philips is after because I never have problems with my laser warmth and stuff…

:slight_smile: Fact of the matter is : Thermo Balanced Writing (TBW) has nothing to do with Burn proof or link technology. It does not prevent you from getting into Buffer Underruns !! :wink: TBW is about the CD quality after write (kopstoot did a good explanation there). I can image that you haven’t noticed problems with your CD-Rs created in other writers but then again … there are so many flavours of CD-Rs these days that this is perfectly possible. Others in fact MAY have suffered from this ! :c I have had the chance to look into technical details and the technology should not be discarded as obsolete or dumb ! It’s cool technology. :4 Now … as for Buffer Underrun Protection (BURP) burnproof was the first HW based (IP)solution. Plextor pays A LOT of money to Sanyo for every drive they sell. Extra dollars YOU pay ! Also, the technology is not water tight (yet) … you DO create errors on the CD (Errors which still can be corrected … but …) A pitty because with the right software and system settings there shouldn’t be an issue. Have you never wondered why you can read at 50x but not write at 12x ?? I own an 8x drive. When I write a CD I can easily start defragging my HD and have a buffer maintained at 95% all the time (I have no link technology). Last remark. Philips has its own patented link technology already (so no patent issues). from 16x onwards this technology will be implemented in the drives :8 How do I know all this stuff :7 Good contacts and an open mind ! Don’t forget this is technology from The Netherlands and Belgium and it IS good stuff so why not be proud about it instead of always beating ourselves up and let the orientals take over the market :d :d