Philips CDRW4816 XP problem

Have 2 Philips PCRW4816 burners in 2 identical computers both have the same problem.

Have installed XP pro and servicepack 1. The drive can read cd’s and if it burns all the cd’s are unreadable. The burn speed low or high does not matter. I use nero last version or clone cd4 both have the same problems. The same happens before and after SP1 was installed.
Have allready disable the build in xp burn software through services, but this does not help.

When I install the philips in my Windows 2000 pc, it works perfect no problem. When I install a liteon 16 speed burner in the XP computer it also works.

So my clue is the Phlips and XP doe not work together for some reason.

Have looked at the Philips website but no clue where to get tech help from them. Maybe someone here can help.

Have tried changing to pio mode instead of ultra dma mode 2 and now the burner works.

although it works i don’t think that it’s a good solution.

I for mine had never had problems with my Philips PCRW4816 (CDRW48P Firmware P1.4). It works perfectly in UDMA Mode.

Hi, I’m little OT, but i don’t know how to resolve my problem…
I’ve got a Philips PCRW4816 too, in a W98SE, Windows have no problems to identify and use it, but Nero 5.5 can’t use it! And in the list of Supported Recorders in Ahead site the PCRW4816 is not present!
And Nero is sold with the CDR box… :slight_smile: :a
Have you got the same problem with Nero or it works with no problems?
Please, help me!

No problems with Nero, everything works just fine.


Should you have any other cd-software still installed on your computer, please uninstall it.

Check whether you have the actual ASPI drivers installed for Windows98

When Nero still can’t work with your Philips drive, download and install a demo of the latest Nero version

When it still doesn’t work, uninstall Nero again and try NTI CD-Maker 5.1.29

If both programs, Nero and NTI CD-Maker, can’t handle your Philips cd-writer, there’s most likely something wrong with your drive.

Believe it or not it works now.

The thing I changed was the switch on the back.

When I use cable select the drive works in ultra dma mode 2

When I set the drive as master or slave it only works in pio mode 4.

So far to plug and play sorry plug and pray

I have recently upgraded my board to ASUS A7N8X and to use ISB 2.0 I have installed XP SP1

My Philips CDRW4816 was not working ever since.

Since NVidia Chipset on my new board is notorious for IDE controller problems I was banging my head for the DRIVERS !

Now if your solution works I WILL KISS YOU !

To those reading this thread … My problem persists…

I can only wirte correctly in PIO Mode 4.

My CDWriter was working ok before SP1 installation. Now UDMA produces binary corrupted CDs …

Any ideas ?

(P.S. everyting is the latest version Nero, BIOS etc.)

Partial Solution

My CD Writer was only working in PIO Mode, Using Ultra DMA was causing “coaster production”

I tried every combination, every driver, every cable, every BIOS

Finally I changed the “Factory Settings” jumper. This forced my CD Writer to Work in “DMA MultiWord” mode which is a DMA mode with 16.67 MB/Sec

It is better then a PIO mode, CPU use now is almost 0

I burned a few disks with 48x speed with no problems…

my cdrw4816 does not work with win xp.
it did work on win 98.

i dont know what to change to make it works.
maby some on can halp me???

please send the answer to -


To ppl having problems with PIO modes and such:

The DVD drive must be recognised by the BIOS for UDMA mode to work. If you enter the bios and go to the IDE detection field and set primare/secondary master/slave to “auto” and then you “enter” into each of the four drives you will see that the bios recognises the DVD-burner that you use (should now say name of drive instead of auto).

After this: Change to UDMA and restart your computer… That should work.