Philips cdrw

hey people i havea philips 4432 pcrw404,and it only accepts 650meg cds,where i live none of the stores carry 650meg cds,they are all 700 meg there a firmware upgrade or something that i can d/l to make my burner use 700 meg cds,any help is appreciated

I believe you can use 700MB cds, only whether you will be able to actually store 700 MB is up to the burner.

For a philips burner I would suggest you try to find it at the Philips website (and I though that this burner could handle 80 min CDs, I know that the 3610 had difficulty using the maximum capacity)

have you actually tried 700MB CDs, or you just go by what the manual says and never even tried it?

I’ve got such a burner here but I can’t tell u wether it can write 700MB CDR’s or not (this because I never used the thing…).

Anyhow, this drive just has to be abled to write 700MB CDR’s since my old Philips burner (CDD3610), a 2x2x6x drive could do that as well!

My old as dirt dead hp 7200i+ burnt 700’s. I did have a hi-val/acer drive that refused to burn them. l3oosh Id contact Phillips tech support and see if there is a firmware update to see if it can be upgraded.