Philips CDRW/DVD CDD5263 slim drive for Dell Inspiron 700m?

This interesting model number is the CDRW/DVDROM combo drive that came with my new Dell Inspiron 700m. Googling for this model number turns up nothing but a few links to Dell’s accessories store and a few random useless links. This suggests to me that the 5263 is probably a custom OEM model number for Dell, however, does anybody know what retail model number this might correspond to?

I’ve already test-burned a few CDs, and so far they aren’t coasters nor are they posing any difficulty being read by the Benq 1620 in my desktop box. However I tried reading a multisession DVD I burned in the 1620 on this 5263 and it could only see the 1st session. So I guess even though Philips and Benq are working together they aren’t exactly making sure their drives can all read each other’s discs. Oh well.