Philips CDRW/DVD CDD5263 driver uninstalled

I don’t know how or when it happened, but I went to put some music onto my computer today, and it wouldn’t load the CD. The CD drive opened and closed, but didn’t appear in ‘My Computer’.

Now it is saying that the driver isn’t installed, and I have no idea what to do. I went to and they didn’t have the driver, so I am at a loss.

This is in a Compaq Presario 2223US Notebook, by the way.

Whoever helps me, I bow down to you. :bow:

Hi, please try these checks to sort out system issues:

  • are data CDs accessible?
  • get a bootable CD (Knoppix, Kanotix, Windows Install CD) and see if you can boot from the drive
  • start your system in Safe Mode and try to access the CD

If all these checks fail, then your drive may be faulty. In any other case, your Windows installation is messed up. In that case try a repair install.