Philips Cdrw/ dvd 5263



I have 2 big problems.

  1. When I start my computer any time, there is a little icon always on the right bottom among
    the others , and shows, that I should scaling (remove,plug out) my hardware. But there
    is nothing to connect to my laptop… :sad:
    Ok, I do what it want, I eliminate. It’s name is:
    Philips Cdrw/dvd cdd 5263 - (D:).

Can anybody tell me:
-what is this “program” or “file” exactly ?

  • what do I have to do to stop it ??
  • what did anybody do with this computer with this Philips dvd before I had bought it?

2.One of my Usb ports gives sounds often. It thinks, that
I plug in and plug out my pendrive (or any hardware) out of my computer.
It has got no more sounds, because I changes something in Audio presentation.
So it is mute now.

But, I can see and read in the appearing bubble, that there is any problem with my Usb.:frowning:
"The Usb tool can not be recognisabled (identified) - and then it disappears right!
“The place of the tool appears bold”. It is just a half detection (feeling) of
the hardware in Usb port…
I don’t know why it is, beacause I haven’t done anything with my Usb ports!
If somebody had similar or same problem, please write me! It would be important.
Help me, if you know the solution! I love this Dell computer. Thanx in advance!!:bow: