Philips CDRW 4000 series writes but not reading well

1st post here folks, so be gentle.
I have a Philips CDRW 4000 that seems to be having some trouble reading discs. It reads program data discs fine, but skips and jumps on audio discs that play fine in other machines.
I use the burner for my recording studio so it is very important for me to be able to back up my work sessions.
I use Nero for data discs and CD Architect for music burning and mastering.
Just popping a music disc of any kind in and listening to it is a problem. it skips.
Now because of the nature of my studio, which someone here probably has the same set up as I do, I am constantly workinig with large folders of several (up to 32) wave files, that are not your standard 16 bit music files. they are for recording. I will burn the disc, and Nero always gives me an error on the data verification. I check the disc, and the data is fine. I put the disc on one of my other computers and the data is fine. BUT when I go to put the data from the disc back onto my studio computer hdd, then it cant seem to copy from the cdr. Henceā€¦ I think it is writing, but just not reading well.
I have never had a cdrw drive go bad on me so I am hoping I have come to the right place.
Drivers are all up to date.
Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

A7V-333 Mobo,
512 mb ram
2x 80gb WD HDD (one system, one for storage)