Philips CDR's are the best!?



I think that Philips CDR’s 74 & 80 min are the best. Am I right. The reactions on my topics before this one say that.
So is it OK?
I think Yes

Thanks for your reactions.

Ik denk dat Philips CDR’s 74 & 80 min. de beste zijn. Heb ik het goed? De reacties op mijn vorige topics zeggen dat Philips de beste is. Dus ze zijn Ok.
Ik denk van wel.

Bedankt voor jullie reacties.


You’re a phunny guy, you ask questions you answer yourself!

Whatcha want us to say…

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


~~~~there the best

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Yep, same, met Princo zijn ze volgens mij de beste cd’rs


Philips Professional Silver Premium have performed flawlesly on audio, PC and Playstation for me.

Not that other heve caused me problems (Kodak for example is just as good).

Only That’s have failed on the Playstation for me.


stop thinking my friend, start burning they are the best!!!

there are less then 10 bad sectors on the cdrs an that make them the best cdr’s available, if you ask everyone there will allways one or two person’s who has bad experience with it… But trust me they are the best!!!

arita, kodak, fuji has got more then 200 bad sectors so now you can see big difference between the discs


And don’t forget, you must blame your fuckin cd writer. Not the fuckin cd.


I’ve been burning over 300 phillips premium cd’s and never got any problems…

…the only ones that failed were my own fault…

So I would say…BUY THEM!!!

Sony cdr’s are also very good.

“Wake up and smell the slime…”


The number one

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weet je het nu ??