Philips CDR

I have just purchased a used Philips PCRW406, 4x4x32. It is an external drive, runs off USB, it seemed to read OK but when I try to use NERO trial the drive does not recognize that a CDR is in. Would a firmware update help? Where can I get the latest? Is there a particular brand of CDR that it will recognize?
Please help, CommSat

Try different brand of cd-r - it’s not unusual for cd-writers not to like a particular brand - though mine works with all the quality discs (Sony, TDK, etc.). I don’t buy cheap bulk ones. A firmware update usually only adds new features or faster writing speeds - unlikely to solve your problem. Anyway, I’ve searched Philips website (both UK & US) and they have no downloads or documentation for your model. Try a good quality cd-r.