PHILIPS CDD4801 Updated to winxp now won't write

Help! I updated my system (a refurbished compaq) to win xp pro, and since that date my PHILIPS CDD4801 won’t write… it reads fine tho. I installed Nero in an effort to try to do something good (heard roxio and therfore easy cd creator sucked… which by the way didn’t seem to want to open up at all… I ditched the entire folder containing the program as the uninstall was not available) about it… but nothing still seems to be working. I tried the whole updating firmware deal, and I really don’t know what I’m doing (never heard of flashing or firmware previous to today). Anyhow… when I try to use the typical windows interface to burn I just get an error message that the disk in the drive is not writable (tried using both cd-r and cd-rw)… and at first nero was returning an error with cd-r’s that the disk needed to be a cd-r/rw… so tried cd-rw and still getting errors (tho at least it “tries” with the cd-rw’s)… the exact error with nero is “invalid block address” … any ideas that I could try or maybe there is just some simple fix since upgrading to xp pro seemed to cause this problem?? Thanks… I’ve got more details if you need em… just didn’t want to make this tooo long to start!


upgrading OS installations isn’t really the best thing to do. it frequently introduces new problems, and this could be one of them. i’d recommend a clean format and reinstall of winxp.

Believe me… if I could simply burn all my programs onto disks I’d have no problem reformatting and reinstalling xp… however… you know the deal… tho I suppose if nothing else works, maybe enough zip disks can do the job… no other suggestions? I thought at first maybe it had to do with getting an updated device driver and all that… but there doesn’t seem to be anything on microsoft’s site there… can you help me with how to do the whole flash and all that deal? What does that do? Is it similar to updating device drivers?

Tks… I felt smart when it came to computers until today… of course… I’m surrounded by a 7 yr old and Union Craftsman… ha ha… they’re still trying to figure out how what downloading means! ha ha!

I found some kind of aspi fix that laughin assasin put on that might fix this thing… if so… I will put it here for anyone else looking for help with this similar problem… I’ll be back!

It didn’t work! Anyone out there with other suggestions?? Help! Thanks!