Philips CDD4801 firmware

How can I detect the firmware of my CDD4801? Since I have XP running the burning of cd’s takes forever, it should write at 8 *
Is upgrading firmware the answer?:bow:

Philips is very picky about media…it will only write at 8X to some few types of media.

Most programs like Nero and CloneCD will tell you what firmware version you currently have.

Get the newest firmware version 2.5 here.

I,ve the same problem with Philips CDD4801.
It hangs when writing the lead out and then just stops.
Nero just keeps counting and hangs too.
After manualy shutting down,my rewriter cant read or write anymore. I,wanna try this firmware update but I,dont know how to.
Is there a tutorial somewhere?
My current Firmware version is C2.1.