Philips CDD3610 CD-RW burner not burning RW discs anymore

Hi people

Unusual question. Rejigged my PC and moved two hard drives onto one IDE channel and DVD-Rom and above CD-RW drive onto the other. Now I can only burn CDRs with burner. I don’t know whether this was as a result of move, but could be. Any ideas? I know it’s old and only 2x speed but don’t really want to buy a replacement unless I really have to. Any suggestions gratefully received.

I also updated the bios for my motherboard. Don’t think this has anything to do with it though.

BTW I am using Nero, which used to work fine for both CDR and RW



What media ?

What method ?

What program(s) ?

What error logs ?

Did you try the calibration trick ?

now two years ago my 3600 (scsi version of 3610) started to reject cd-rw’s. I thought o well as long as it burns cdr’s i dont mind.
But after a couple of weeks i did get a message power callibration error. Reading on the internet and the usenet learnt me that this was a common problem with this burner which could be solved by cleaning the inside of the burner (lens and the rails on which the lens is tracking)
after this the drive burnt well for about one month and i did get the same error. I choose to replace it with a new burner (plex) which still works fine.
The 3600 stayed im my computer for reading mp3 discs until last week i did get a nice red light. Posted this in a dutch forum and mister B told me to keep the eject button pushed in at startup of the computer so the drive would reset itself.
I lost the red light but i do not know if it works now (haven’t tried it yet)

good luck with your 3610

I think is common that the drives start their problems with the CDRW disks.

My Ricoh 7120 firstly didn 't read CDRW, then didn 't read written (Original or CDR) disks too. It could see the blank CDs, then appeared the power calibration error and finally could see anything…

Sorry Mr Belvedere

Win 98SE
Drive: Philips CDD3610
Software: Nero

Tried again for you with Traxdata CD-RW 80min discs

Got this error:
Command Sequence error
Could not perform fixation
Command Sequence error
Could not perform fixation
Burnprocess failed at 2x (300k/bs)

Have had other errors which said Power Calibration error.

Please advise the Power Calibration trick.



Ew , traxdata … ew…


the calibration trick

Power Off the computer

press the eject button and KEEP it pressed

turn on the computer , but don’t let it start the operating system (pause , del for bios , you name it)

(keep that eject button pressed)

the led’s will flash and the tray ejects after a while

release the eject button , press it again to close the tray

power off the computer

power on the computer

test your writer

Cheers People


Hi there…

I have an ex-cdd3610 (per the ‘parrot sketch’) so I tried the calibration trick (above), re-started PC… and windows failed to load. I have tried safe mode, scandisk and system restore - all to no avail - just loads of lovely blue screens! I get error: OE : 0167 : 00000003 does this mean anything to anyone???

Help! Please!


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