Philips CD/RW 484 Driver Software

I have a discontinued model that Philips no longer supports. My driver software has been damaged. Without the driver it is just a paperweight. Can anyone help me with this?

CD/RW drives don’t actually come with any driver software. You use windows drivers…What is the actual problem you are having?

This CD/RW did. I have tried using alternate drivers in the Windows database, but it warns that they are not the proper driver for my device. It is the USB driver disc that came with the burner that is damaged.

So it is the usb/external chipset driver that you need. You need to determine which chipset you have in the external.

Thank You Harley2Ride for your interest and help. How do I determine what chipset I have?

If you can’t get it by google’ing the brand name and model/and or serial numbers off your external enclosure, try running scisoft sandra to see if it will identify your chipset and/or manufacturer. Then you can just google for that chipset and drivers…

Thanks again for your assistance, Harley2Ride(Rob), I will give that a try. Jeff