Philips->benq how to?


I have bought a PHILIPS DVDR1648P1.
I have read that it has the same characteristics of the benq1640.

I would want a council: according to you it is better firmware Philips P2.2, or firmware benq?

Which to firmware me advised?

Kindly you can indicate what to me serves to me in order to transform it in the benq1640?

Moreover, from the benq1640 I can return to the Philips?

Which is the procedure in order to go from benq to Philips?

thanks salutes

Already a thread about this:

You need WinDWFlash and CVT firmware to crossflash.

Dalen Quaice
Now, WinDWFlash work fine with a “exe” firmware too.

I kept my Philips as a Philips because it gives me full satisfaction and I don’t need it as a scanner because I have other drives. If it is your only drive flashing it to Benq will give you the ability to scan. I don’t see any other advantage so far.

No it does not.

what is the best firmware for these drive?
philips or benq ?

This highly depends of whom you ask. Some hardcore Philips users will answer “Philips”. But from what I have seen here, there are quite many crossflashing Philips drives to BenQ. Reason for this most probably all the fun QSuite and Quikee’s tools can bring.

BenQ’s have more frequent firmware updates. But sometime this can bring unexpected surprises like the latest BSMB did.
If you are satisfied with the quality of burns and drive function (when on Philips firmware) then I see no reason to crossflash.

Note also, your warranty will be void by taking this action. :slight_smile:

Try it just for fun (while voiding warranty.) :iagree: