Philips announces dual layer DVD burner

I just posted the article Philips announces dual layer DVD burner.

On we can read an article about Philips presenting a new DVD burner at the CeBIT 2004. Unlike many other burners, this will probably be the first burner to support dual layer…

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May i have one please? :wink:

It’s nice to see that companies are getting ready for the dual layer market… but I still wonder how the media part of the story will be!

Yes indeed Dee-ehn. What I do like is this:

The first layer of a DVD+R is written wir 8x speed while the second layer is written wit 2.4x.
I thought the complete DVD disc would be written at 2,4x which would take a long time especially when recording two layers. Good news!

G@M3FR3@K…this is +RRW technology…not the inferior minus tech. old bean… It would seem that the f*****g of the movie industry is now complete…George will be getting Star Wars Episode III out just in time for it to become the most pirated movie in history… The only arguments in the near future will be…who’s going to buy the original disc for your mates to backup for you… :d

Not so fast Gristy read this…,3604,1144259,00.html :frowning:

Hey, isn’t that why we have Blockbuster?

Hey, isn’t that why we have Blockbuster?

That’s about internet distribution, a story I lodged from another website here at Freaks, internet distribution does not concern me…nope I just wanna make the odd backup. As for DRM, well what the hey, I’m sure DVD Jon will have it cracked in no time, he’s already got part of the way there with the material distributed by iTunes I believe. DRM is something to be concerned about…but not too concerned…

Ur not wrong there, but too many rental copies have advertising in front of the main event and stuff that needs to be removed by programs like Neros Recode…they are also often missing the Extras…

dual side / dual layer baby; now that’s what i’m talkin’ about! - at least we can start with one side dual layer at home when this burner comes out. needs special blanks? pretty exciting!

Speaking of Star Wars… Well maybe you guys have already heard this, but over here in the states, there is a serious rumor about George Lucas wanting to release a third Star Wars trilogy. Episodes 7 through 9, meaning after “Return of the Jedi”. I heard this one the popular Radio station the other day…

Given the current price of double-sided discs… plus the cost of the burner… plus a markup for making it dual-layer… plus the cost of your time… plus the cost of the Blockbuster rental… give it a couple of years for the prices to adjust before you start thinking too far ahead. :slight_smile:
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He had planned out all 9 back when he made the first one. He’s only releasing them slowly so that he can test the market as he goes (plus make more money while he’s at it)

Information at Philips Germany is available here: I don’t know a word of German but hasn’t PCwelt mis-interpretated “Bis zu 8x DVD-Brenngeschwindigkeit im 1. Layer und 2,4x im 2. Layer”? IE it should be interpretated as it burns single layer DVDs at 8x and dual layer DVDs at 2.4x and not that it burns the first layer of a dual layer DVD at 8x and the second layer at 2.4x?
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It read: The NEXT generation - DVD double Layer Doubled capacity of 8,5 GB on a DVD DVD ReWriter & CD ReWriter in equipment Up to 8x DVD burning speed in the 1. Layer and 2,4x in 2. Layer DVD vintages of all usual DVD formats with 12x CD speeds: 24x10x40x With newest Philips’s write technologies for best fuel results Buffer Underrun protection with Seamless left

DK That would be cool if he released another trilogy after Return of the Jedi. He must have recently changed his mind because a couple of years ago he was saying he’wasn’t going to do anymore trilogies Will be interesting to see if they get some of the old firm back like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford back to reprise any of their roles :B I hope so.

Will DVD+RW come in dual-layer later?