Philips and Software Architects develop advanced CD-MRW



I just posted the article Philips and Software Architects develop advanced CD-MRW.

Philips Components, a division of Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands, and Software Architects, Inc. (SAI), have signed a joint development agreement aimed at launching the world’s first…

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Long live the Floppy Drive!!! NOT :stuck_out_tongue: They need support from DELL or Toshiba in the Laptop Market. Then it might take off


“floppy” type disks are all really ****ing annoying, there must be at least 6 different types (LS120 LS240 1.44MB 30MB format of 1.44MB with new LS240 drives, Zip 100, and zip 250…) :frowning: all with different capacitys and irritating incompatability with each other. :c Get rid of 'em all.