Philips and BenQ announce 8x DVD+R/RW writers



I just posted the article Philips and BenQ announce 8x DVD+R/RW writers.

Philips and BenQ have announced new 8x DVD writers developed and produced by
their optical storage
joint venture company. Philips’ model will be named DVDRW824 and BenQ’s
model will…

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Hopefully it will drive down the cost of the 4x models cause $2xx is to expensive. Of course I could just spoiled by the $20 cd burners.


The Plextor version is the only model worth buying:) It also supports the following formats Write DVD-R x4 Write DVD-RW x2 CD-R Write x40 CD-RW x24 Currently around 265 Euros (about £200) guessing. Will be released in September. :B I have been in touch by e-mail with a rep from Plextor and they are keeping me updated;) Go check out the specs for yourselves Greetz The Diplomat:S
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