Philips & Ahead introducing Ultra-Buffer for better writing

I just posted the article Philips & Ahead introducing Ultra-Buffer for better writing….

During the CEBIT, Ahead and Philips previewed the first results of their effort to create an ‘Intelligent’ write system for Philips’ CDRW drives. Users need faster, error-proof CD recording and…

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Philips drives are very worse. I have seen 5 different models and not one was good. :frowning: Give me a plextor :4, because they don’t need a an ‘Intelligent’ write system. The point is the other brands are stable and phlilips noway!

Philips will copy SD2… It’s good if you are a gamer… Ricoh/Plextor will be good if you are a DJ/Music Composer =)

Philips drive’s ain’t bad ! I’ve tryed more than 7 models scsi and ide. They all worked fine ! I NEVER encounterd problems with philips drives, the only problem when something went wrong was the owner. Bad configuration or other stupidity etc. Don’t act so lame saying all philips stuff is bad when someone ‘tuff’ says so… I’m still using a philips 3610 ide and one plexwriter scsi. I tell you the plextor works fine and fast,butt when something difficult needs to be done I’ll have to use the 3610. Really there is NOTHING you can’t copy with the 3610 ! CloneCD isn’t even nesessarily ! I’m sorry…needed to let it out… ,bye

hey, how you copy Libcrypt PSX or Securom with the CDD 3610? had two of them, but let them slip away… :smiley: