Philips adds SHA-2 support so smart TV functionality continues to work

We’ve just posted the following news: Philips adds SHA-2 support so smart TV functionality continues to work[newsimage][/newsimage]

Philips has been able to add SHA-2 encryption support to several of its smart TVs, meaning the smartTV functionality will continue to work. The company previously reported that adding support for SHA-2 was not possible for its high-end smart TVs from 2009, leaving owners of these TVs without smart TV functionality.

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I think we all knew that adding SHA-2 support wasn’t “impossible” as Philips claimed. Philips has the tools, knowledge, and resources to add SHA-2 in a timely matter. The only thing Philips lacked was the willpower. I guess thousands of requests were enough to magically cause Philips to get off their collective butts and fix the problem.

As for the Amazon Fire sticks not being compatible, I couldn’t help but facepalm at that. Seriously, how could Philips have been too stupid to figure that out?

In all fairness though, if I had a HiDef TV and a Fire stick, I would assume these devices would be 100% compatible with eachother. In fact, I’m not at all sure what’s so “incompatible” about these sticks and TVs, although something tells me it’s got something to do with DRM.

sure they better did it or they could have closed their TV shops!