Philips 8801 recognized as Cd Rom on Xp-Sp2

hi all

my dvd+rw seems to be messed up some how. nero 8 discinfo recognizes it as a dvd+rw, the device managers can pick it up but insert a cd, it will let me view the files but when i try to open, it says path not found, insert a dvd and the caption on mycomputer changes from dvd+rw to cd rom.

Background to the story
I had a cdrom, and the dvd+rw both as slaves on the secondary ide channel.
I added a new hard disk to the primary channel and thats when all hell broke loose.

It was like so
primary IDE - 2 hard drives one as master, the second on cable select.
secondary IDE - cdrom and dvd+rw both as slave.

Is my dvd+rw a writeoff or can i get some firmware or something to revive it.

NOTE: i am running on Windows XP service pack 2. I have now set the dvd+rw as a slave on then secondary ide.

Only explorer sees it wrong.
Ignore that, its a windooze flaw.