Philips 8801 /BenQ 1650

I have a dell computer with a philips8801 burner
i want to burn xbox360 backup on verbatim

should a keep my philips (upgrade with philips firmare)
or use it as a benq 1650 (latest firmware)?

Help me please…

Hi & welcome.

Both burn well, just bear in mind your warranty is invalid if you flash to the Benq.

have yuo burned xbox360 backups with a 8801…

Nope , I don’t have an Xbox360 or an 8801. I have a Philips 1660 which I cross flashed to the 1650.

can i save the philips firmware,and flashit back, if crossflashing over to benQ 1650?

has anybody burned a xbox360 backup on a philips8801 (or crossflashed to a 1650)??