Philips 8701 running ridiculously slow



My Philips dvd8701 16x dvd writer has for some reason started writing LUDICROUSLY slow, it is at the moment, for example at 20 minutes at 81%.
This is a simple data dvd too. Nothing special, and a Taiyo Yuden 8x disc, so hardly a crappy disc excuse as 8x TY discs tend to write at 16x anyway. Nero the prog I am using.
Anything I can do to check WHY ?


Possible that DMA has been disabled.

Check these 2 links :- 1 and 2 .


Thanks Tim.
Theres no DMA on mine, but I’ve set it as Ultra DMA 2 (let bios set transfer speed) as my comp is only a couple of months old.
Theres nowt I need to write to a DVD at the moment, so I’ll have to wait a little to try it out !