Philips 8701 Dual Layer Experience


I have read alot of the posts on this message board to help me in my struggles so I wanted to pay back a little and share my experience if it might help someone else who has my same problem…

I have a Philips 8701 drive which I wanted to burn +R DL with. I purchased a spindle of RiData +R DL discs. Struggled to never get one to burn correctly past the layer break. I started out using CloneDVD2 since thats what have always used with the single layer discs. No luck for Dual Layers.

After reading the posts I decided to flash my drive to a BenQ DW1640 BSLB which worked fine but still did not provide my any success on the RiData media. I then tried using DVD Decryptor and ImgBurn… Still no luck.

On the Ritek website they even claim that they tested their media on the BenQ 1640. Now I know what you’re thinking… But you don’t have a BenQ drive. Yes but from what I understand they the same drive specifications which just use different firmware which I have changed to now match.

So… I tried out some Verbatim DVD +R DL media at Sam’s Club… 30 for $59 (not bad). Works great. No failures at the layer break. Reads perfect in my player as well. I used DVDdecryptor and ImgBurn here as well since it seems like a well regarded tool.

SO the moral of the story is NEVER buy RiData… EVER… I am also curious why none of the other stores… Office Depot or Comp USA offer Verbatim… they only push Memorex in Dual Layer. I don’t think I’ll waste my time with anything else at this point.

Thanks for all your info. Without these message boards there would be a lot of people banging their heads late into the night… :iagree: :iagree:

Thanks for telling us your experience RyanA, and welcome to cdfreaks.

Btw, at what speed you burn the Verbatim DVD+R DL on your 1640?


The new Philips firmware P2.4 have improved writing quality on DVD+R DL.

Changes from P2.3 to P2.4
• Released 19 July 2006.
• Improved writing quality on DVD+R Double Layer and DVD+RW discs.