Philips 8631 to 1620 in one flash?

I’ve got a Dell oem Philips 8631 and want to flash this to Benq 1620 F/W. I’ve seen several posts that seem to suggest that the best way is a series of gradual firmware changes to end up with the B7T9 that I’m aiming for.

My questions is :- is it possible to do this in one jump?
I have the windwflash utility and the B7T9 .cvt, is it really as simple as just applying this, or do I have to a do the gradual F/W transition that some people seem to have used?

I flashed the Philips DVDR1640 to the B7T9 str8 without problems.

Sounds promising, but I wonder if there are any significant differences between the 1640 and the 8631, other than retail/OEM.

I’ve flashed two different 8631’s straight to B7T9 F/W using the .cvt files.
No need for the “gradual” approach :wink:

Seems to me, that the only benefits to flashing 8631 to 1620, would be the extended media support (which doesn’t matter to me because I only burn tyg02’s), or the use of the benq qvideo (which I might be interested in), and possibly region free firmware (which a can get soon for the CD21 firmware).
Does that sound about right?

Is the Phillips 8631 the OEM version of the Phillips 1640?

Thanks Sammyk007, that’s just the reply I was hoping for, I’ll fire up Windwflash and do the deed this weekend. Then I can have lots of fun playing with MCSE!

Well, my 8631 flashed to B7T9 with no probs. I’m getting really nice burns with TYG02 at 12x.