Philips 8631 help

i got the philips 8631 burner with my dell i just wanted to know how to burn at 1x. i use nero and when i don’t have a dvd in i can select 1x but once it recognizes a blank dvd the lowest speed it will go is 2.4x. i use dvd-r. how can i fix this problem. i consider this a problem because some dvd players won’t play 2.4x discs. please help a noob out

I have never come across a case where a dvd player will not play disks recorded at 4x and 8x (and we have 4 different players in the house), I think if you are having problems, it is more likely to be that your player does not like the media that you are using rather than a burn speed problem. :slight_smile:

When on DVD label is written that a disc is only for 2,4x, usually this is referred to a standalone dvd recorder.

For any DVD player is unimportant at which speed disc was burned, but it is important only that burned disc doesn’t contain errors.

i tried to burn a disc after upgrading the firmware from dell now i get an error, it says cannot preform disc at once why is this happening

Standalone recorders record in real time, i.e. 1x.