Philips 8601 (BenQ DW1620) problem

Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help me with a problem. I’ve done a search but can’t find anything.

I have a Philips 8601 that I crossflashed to a BenQ DW1620 a few years ago and it’s been working fine in that time. But, just a few weeks ago I started burning coasters (on TY media, no less). But what’s really strange now is that now everytime I bootup my computer, the tray will pop out half way and stay like that. If I hit the eject button it comes all the way out. If I hit it again, it does nothing and then a minute or two later, it’ll close the tray back up VERY fast. Once it closes back up, I can hit the eject button and it’ll do nothing, then finally open up half-way a few minutes later. It also causes my computer to hang when booting up (the green light flashes even without a disc in the drive and the tray in the half-way open position.)

Does anybody know if I can remedy this problem? I REALLY like this drive, the burn quality is excellent and the BenQ scans are really nice to have. Also, if anybody can tell me if it’s possible to crossflash it back to the Philips 8601, I’d also appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello tkr128,

The problem you are experiencing with your Philips 8601 (BenQ DW1620) is the EXACT same problem I experience with my BenQ 1620. These symptoms began this month (Feb.) exactly the way you described it. Everything was perfect before that. I have had my BenQ since 2004. The only difference between us is that mine was the OEM version with FW G7C9. I was able to update the firmware to retail version B7M9. I used this FW the entire time up until Feb. 2007 when it stopped working for me. I tried updating the FW with the latest FW. Successful but still it would not work and same symptoms. But with each day it seems like it was just getting worse. Eventually the tray would not open at all, so I had to poke it with a paper clip to open the tray. And just like you said when I would push the OPEN/CLOSE button it would close super fast. And then wouldnt open anymore. But randomly it would OPEN but CLOSE FAST right away.
Now (one week later), I plug it in and still the tray would not open anymore but windows still recognized it, but would not do anything. So I decided to try another FW B7T9 (known to be good). Again successful update. Rebooted. But now BIOS will not recognize the drive and neither will windows.

So now I do have a completly DEAD DRIVE. No spin, no LED blink, no nothing, only slight heat emitted at the bottom of the drive.

What is your situation now?

My BenQ 1620 drive is also opening when booting (sometimes half way), and I also have crossflashed my drive. Is this a firmware bug? Or a firmware protection?
Hopefully, someone has an answer.

it seems that these drives weren’t meant to last very long, I bought mine in 04 as well, and it is doing the exact same thing. started with Coasters, now it won’t recognise any disk i put in it. i guess after 1000 burns it just stops working.

RIP Benq, you were a good drive, I will miss you