Philips 824k/00 to benq 800A


I have a philips 824k/00 drive and i flashed it with philips firmware 3.3 (philips flash tool))
Now it’s called 824DP in the Device Manager.

I’m not able to flash recent firmware upgrades from Philips because the drive is not recognized by philips flash tools anymore.

I suppose the 3.3 firmware was not designed for my drive (824k/00) but for the 824/40. That’s why Philips took it off their webside.

Now I can’t go back to the old firmware, but I want the newest firmware upgrades.

So my question:
Can I flash my drive to a Benq 800A. I read it was EXACTLY the same hardware.
Then I would be able to get the newest firmware updates from Benq.

PS: I’m not interested in -R-Support. I would be happy to have an UPDATED +R burner.


If it is the exact same hardware as the BenQ 800A/822A, you can flash it in DOS using a .CVT file.
Links to the flasher and firmwares can be found here.


I flashed the drive:
It now shows up as ATAPI 8x4x12
Firmware: B2L7
I played a dvd video: OK
I played an audio cd: OK
I recorded an Data DVD: Seems OK (I can read the files)
I still have to test an video DVD

Any suggestions…is this the way to go, will there be any problems???

BTW: Is it possible to flash it back to philips??? I suppose I lost my warranty now…



I found the answer:
I flash it back with 3.3.cvt

But does anybody kow where I find the original 1.2 firmware from philips???