Philips 765



I have a Philips 765 that I purchased years ago when they first came out. I’ve been very happy with it over the years as it meets my simple needs, i.e.; to copy CDs and also to record the audio feed from multiple components such as tape deck, phono, vcr, dvd, radio or tv.

I recently upgraded my audio/video system to include a more sophisticated Yamaha RX-V661 receiver so that I could run digital tv, HDDVD, surround, etc. But when I hooked up the 765 I discovered that it’s no longer getting the audio feed from other components. It’s weird because it WILL get the radio feed. When I pop in a recordable disc and switch the receiver to radio, I can see the analouge record/play bars on the 765 moving as the sound level varies. But when I turn the receiver to any of the other components (tv, dvd, etc) the record/play bars go blank indicating to me that the 765 is not receiving the audio feed.

In my previous setup I was using only the analouge connections ((765 L/R in to REC L/R out)+(765 L/R out to REC L/R in)) and that was sufficient for the 765 to receive the feed from all the different components. But now that I’ve hooked up the new receiver in exactly the same way it only receives the radio feed. I’ve tried using the 765 optical in to the receiver optical out but that didn’t work either. And yes I’ve noted to switch the “source” button on the 765 back and forth from “analouge” to “digital” to “optical” to try to match the correct feed signals but again to no avail.

I really want the ability to record from different sources and the 765 has always met my meager recording needs. I really don’t want to replace it and if you can suggest what I should do to make the right connection(s) and be able to record again from my other components then I would be most grateful. Thank you.