Philips 765 CDR Recorder

Hi All’
I have a Philips 765 CD recorder and I am having a hard time finding blank CD-r’s that will work in this unit lately. I have seen some info about a modchip that will allow this recorder to use regular CD-R’s rather than the “MUSIC DIGITAL AUDIO” that I can install in my recorder and I was wondering if anyone here has actually used one of these chips and do they do what they are suppose to do?
And if so, is there a place in the U.S. where I can buy one because the “” web site is mostly in Italian. I am afriad to give up my credit card info to them because they are out of the country and as you go along to purchase this item it starts out in English but eventually turns back into Italian and I can’t read it.
The majority of the Music CD-R’s or “Digital Audio” discs from what I have read have a new format and my recorder will not read them. It is an older model made in 1999.I have bought three different brands and none of them will work and I know there is nothing wrong with the recorder because I still have one disc that is a older disc it will work fine. It’s A Fujifilm CD-R All Purpose but I can’t find them any more.
Also if anyone has and info about what type of CD-R’s that will still work in this unit and how to indentify them, I would like that info also.
Thanks All!!

Not possible. The 765 only accepts Philips media.

Try this site below. I have a 765 and I purchased a number of different CD brands from them a few years ago that worked fine. I got single CDs until I figured out what worked best and then I purchased a spindle.

Good luck!