Philips 765 CD Recorder

Hi All!!
I am having a hard time finding blank CD-R’s for my Philips 765 standalone recorder. I bought a spindle of the Memorex Music CD-R yesterday and it would not read them just kept saying “NO OPC” the whole 50 pack!! So I called Memorex and the guy told me that they have made some changes to the discs to keep up with the changing tecnology. I have used these discs in the past with no problem Well, the package and discs look the same but, there must some kind of differance because these don’t work. It seems to me that they would have put some type of writing on the package to let people know that there is some changes made to these discs. It says right on the pack “Recordable Compact Discs For Home Audio Recorders And Computer CD Writers” but they don’t work in my “1999” year model recorder.
Do anyone know of any CD-R’s that I can find easily that will work in my CD recorder that don’t cost a arm and a leg.
I also tryed the “Imation CD-R Digtal Audio” discs they would not work either. I do know that the “Fujifilm Cd-R ALL PURPOSE” will work but they have disapeered.
Also I read somewhere that there is a Firmware upgrade chip that I can get that will allow my Cd Recorder to use any regular CD-R. Has anyone done this? And if so how much does it cost and how well does it work and where can I get one?
Thanks all!!

You need to give us the exact model number
not just the last three characters…

This unit has two different model numbers in two different places on it. Not sure which one is the right one but this is what I can one the unit. Also these same numbers are one the original box “still have it”.
One the back of the unit the silver sticker has:

Model: CDR 765/17
Manufactured APR 99
Prduction no. VN05991517118059

And there is a white paper type sticker that reads

CDR765 BK02
Serial Number

Hope this helps!!
Thanks Juke

OK, the model is CDR765 and the firmware version
is what the BK02 is.
I searched for your model on the Philips support website
with no luck. Not surprising since the recorder is over
nine years old.
I suggest you call Philips Consumer Electronics Support
at: 1-888-744-5477 (if you are in the USA) and see
if they can help. You will need the info you posted above.
After nine years it might be time to start thinking about
a new recorder…

Accidental double post. :o

Here’s a page I found on your recorder:
click here.
Among other things there’s some info on what discs
work with it…