Philips 642 DVD and Xvid Formats - HELP!

Disclaimer – This message was originally posted on the Forums under the Topic of DVD players. However I got 0 Response in the last week, and am hoping there is someone with a little more knowledge here that can help. I searched to the best of my ability this message board for posts pertaining to my questions. These questions are probably answered somewhere, and if so I apologize in advance for not spotting the answers. I also would like to acknowledge that I am a newbie in this realm of Codec’s / Burning / Encoding / Conversion of formats.

This is for the people, who own the Philips 642 unit for the most part, but there is one or two questions in here that might pertain to anyone who can answer, and your reply is very much appreciated. I also would like to note I am up to date on the latest firmware, so we can take that out of the eqaution.

  1. The Philips 642 is known to play Xvids. However after downloading various Xvid files from my Xbox it seems there are problems with some. Here is 2 examples.

A) Burned a Movie using Nero straight to disc. Put it in the player and it was not even registering a CD being in the drive. I took out the CD and scanned the .avi file with Gspot, and come to find out it was an Xvid, however the audio was in OGG VORBIS. I am guessing this is the problem. So I loaded up Virtdub Mod and went to streams/streamlist and demuxed the .ogg audio. Then loaded up BeSweet and transcoded to the audio over to 128 CBR mp3. I was only able to disable the .OGG audio and add the mp3 with direct stream copy when I went back into VirtDubmod. I then saved the file. When I tested the file in WMP all I heard was loud constant hiss for audio. So to sum it up, when you get odd Xvid formats like this, is there a cheap way of fixing it …or did I do something wrong in my attempt to convert the audio?

B) I also went and burned a high quality Xvid, and had the popcorn out and beer, wifey sat down with me …put the CD in and it started reading the index, then the numbers on the counter started going crazy 10 , 200, 233, 500 and all I had was a blank screen. I burned this movie twice to make sure it was not bad media, and got the same result. So once again I busted out Gspot and compared it to similar Xvid of high quality that did work, and could not see anything that would cause this movie not to be read. I am hoping someone can take a look at these images and see if there was something in the non-working Xvid that would cause it to not work, and maybe suggest a fix? See below



  1. When you burn the DivX/Xvids do you use a certain method of burning? Particular software or settings? Is the type of media you use to read off an .avi file really necessary vs burning something like an SVCD which we know Media counts for something in playback.

  2. The Region Hack. Has anyone had any problems after applying it? I am no DVD guru, especially in this area. My understanding for doing this is so people can watch foreign imports, ala Anime …etc. Is there other scenerios where it is a benefit? I usually stick to encoding DVD’s I buy in stores, or that I borrow or download from a friend. Would just like to know what the BIG DEAL with the region hack is, and why I should do it, along with any problems that might come along with it as mentioned above.

  3. Any other advice on this unit appreciated. I am simply frustrated. :frowning:

First post I know the 642 has issues with some xvids due to qpel…You may have to convert to divx or svcd…I’m not an expert on this but I do know of a very good link with lots of info on the 642 … … have a look around lots of info

Thanks for the link. I will try and do my homework on it!


A. XviD has nothing do to with audio. You screwed up, not XviD :slight_smile:
B. Have you checked so it supports joliet (long filenames) etc? It might be a buggy firmware causing you troubles.
2. Check your manual for that kind of information.
3. No idea about your perticular model
4. Not really, any XviD encoded clip should work fine unless someone used “special features”.
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First off, your a rude person.
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