Philips 4000 Series CDRW


I’m having a problem with my Philips CDRW drive (I think it’s a 4012 or 4016, can’t remember). It is about a year old, and worked well for about 4 months, but then it started having issues with reading discs, it constantly freezes up, skips CD tracks, or completely goes dead. I can hear it sometimes revving up and down searching on the disc, but whatever it’s doing, it locks up my computer. I’ve since bought a Sony DRU-710A DVDRW drive, which I absolutely love, but I cannot use it with iTunes :sad:

So, I was wondering if anyone here has heard of similar problems with a philips drive, or has a suggestion as to what may be the problem.

Computer Specs:
Mobo: Soyo KT-333 Ultra
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
512 MB RAM
60GB IBM Deskstar HDD
Philips 4000 Series CDRW
and other standard equip.

Please help me if you can, I’m at a loss now what to do with this, it has been a thorn in my side for months, I really love the drive and want it to work again.