Philips 3455H/37 DVDR Problem Repair

Alright here is my issue. I purchased a 3455H November 2006. Recently (Saturday) I encountered a problem. When I went to turn it on it powered up but it would not fo to the tuner. It searchef for the signal but never finds it. I have not changed any of the hook up on the player nor have I changed any settings. When it is on I try to go to the menu, hdd and dvd functions aand it does nothing. It says in the circle of trying to connect to the tv signal. Even worse it will not even turn off neither from the unit or remote.

If anyone has experienced this or know what might be causing it please help.

Also if you do know a solution what would need to be done to fix it. I’m pretty savy at this sort of thing and feel confident in fixing it.

Thank you.

I just wrote about the same problem as yours with the same machine. Have you found out what the problem is. ? Mine will play DVD and stored HDD but no “Live” tv.
Also have the same “will not shut off unless I unplug it”

Hope we get these repaied easily as they are not a “Cheap” machine

Well, mine doesn’t actually start up. It was cycle but never actually start. I have no idea whay it does what it does.

Yes, I have that same problem here. Watching a program, went into the other room and bang, came back and no workee.
Sent mine off for repairs as no one arond here would touch it. Said they would probably look at it and recommend trashing it. NOT! $300.00 may be chum change to them, but it isn’t to me.
Also had a problem withit shutting down…it wouldn’t, so had to pull the plug and plug back in.
Also would not play random dvd’s. It would play all the trash on the DVD leading up to the movie, but when came time for the movie to play…Black out.
Took that same dvd to my computer and played it all the way through…no problemo.

I don’t know who did the tessting for quality control at Philips, but they mus have had their head you know where!!!