Philips 3380/05

Can the 3380 play Xvid content as well as divx?

No one know?

Appearantly nobody knows…
Philips just states:
All Philips DivX players are DivX Home Theater Profile certified and will play the contents generated by all versions of DivX (including DivX 6).

Most new features offered by DivX 6, like the DivX Media Format with

* XSUBâ„¢ subtitles

* Chapter points

* Alternate audio tracks

* The .divx file extension

are already supported by our current players.

I thought that too, but see this post:

Let me help abit. =)

For DVDR3380/XX, it should support basic XviD format playback. (Excluding Open GMC and QPEL) Having said that, there is not official certification for XvID so it’s rather difficult to list down which can play which don’t.

I can confirm the 3380 does play Xvid/avi’s but can’t fast forward/ rewind or goto. ( well at least mine can’t).

Hi, try this:
The only problem with DivX playback is when you want to rewind or fast forward a scene, you can’t do it in the conventional way. Instead you have to press the ‘tc’ button twice to get to the control options and select ‘trick’, I’m not sure why control of DivX has been done this way or why it had to be called ‘trick’ but it will open a menu which lets you navigate the movie. Pressing ‘tc’ will take you back to the movie. If your DivX movie came with subtitles then select the subtitle file before you select the movie file and you wil have…erm…subtitles on playback.
Multiregion hack:
No disc in machine, power on recorder, wait for ‘no disc’ message, press 0009 then OK, open then close tray and wait for ‘no disc’ message again, press 0086000 followed by ‘OK’, open/close tray again.

I had the same problem. Everything you’re saying is right only there is a way of forwarding and rewinding avi files without accesing the tc menu. It’s unbelievable but hear this…press and hold the little double arrow button. Suddenly a x8 will show on screen. Press it again now without holding and you get x16. Again and x32. Press play and you can watch again normally. The important thing is to hold the button pressed the first time. If you don’t do so you will move to the following avi file in the disc (if there is any).

Hey Guys,

Is there any help with this player/recorder firmware upgrade? It plays Avi - DivX files, but only some Xvid (depend what codec it is encoded with). As usual with Philips players subtites are not the best possitioned, not supported greek, eastern european letters, etc. Also rewind and forward of avi files is not straight forward.

Any help please?

Quite by accident I discovered that you can fast-forward / reverse DivX movies if you press the << or >> button twice in very quick succession. If you get it right you are initially FF/FRing @ 4x, then press it again for 8x then again for 32x. Then hit play to continue watching…