Philips 3305 & CD-RW help needed

Hey all, hope you can help.

I am currently copying a lot of videos over to DVD, a lot of them being home movies and since I only want bits and pieces I’ve decided to record to DVD-RW so I can edit it if I f**k up.

But when I finish the recording I click and make the DVD-RW “compatible”, but when I put the DVD-RW into my computer, I can watch it, but I get errors or a copy that doesn’t work every time I try make a copy of it.

Can you recommend any solution to this, or is there a way of copying the multiple titles to my computer and creating a new DVD-R with the files?

Please Help!!!

As a matter of interest, how do you go about copying your recorded content to the PC and then to the DVD-R?

I would recommend using a DVD ripping tool, which lets you export video content by the chapter. From what I recall, DVD Shrink offers this capaibility. When extracting the contents, do not extract the menus, since you will need to create these when authoring your DVD.

Once you have the content exported as VOB files from the DVD recordables, use a DVD authoring program such as Nero Recode, Power Producer, etc. to prepare your content for recording to DVD. These tools also let you create a menu structure for your DVD’s contents, since the original menu structure that your DVD Recorder has added will not be suitable. As the source video is DVD compliant, since it was recorded by your Philips DVD recorder, your DVD authoring should not need to recompress the contents, unless you try fitting more than the DVD’s capacity.

If you get errors, can you mention what is the error message and what task you were carrying out when you got the error? For example, if the you get read errors while extracting the content from the recordable disc, then the DVD-RW is at fault. If however you are getting playback errors when you try to play the disc you have prepared from the PC using the contents of the various DVD-RW’s you have written, then chances are that you are not doing the authoring process properly.

Some of your problem is to do with the type of discs used. DVD-RW formatted as -VR content is probably the worst type for playback compatibility, even when finalised. If you want to edit a rewriteable disc directly, or just take it out and play in another drive (PC or standalone player) without bothering to finalise, you’ll probably have much better success using a +RW disc.

On the other hand, if you want to extract the recording from the original disc, there’s no point in using -RW formatted as -VR because you’re not going to edit directly. Use the -RW disc in DVD-Video mode and, after finalising, you shouldn’t have problems with extraction. Similarly, using a +RW for the original recording would improve compatibility with your PC drive.

As Sean says, ripping the content and reauthoring is the most flexible way to get what you want since you can collect different titles from separate discs and compile them into one. DVD Shrink is free, and will automatically burn the new disc using the Nero burning engine if you have that installed.

If you want to edit the video before reburning, then using DVD Decrypter to rip the content may be better (since it can cope with disc errors much better than DVD Shrink). Loobster has a ready-made guide to a tried-and-trusted way of doing this, using Womble MPEG2VCR editing software and DVD Movie Factory to reauthor. See here for details…

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